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A thought provoking compilation of conversation featuring some of the biggest culture shakers in the Latin music industry. From Sex, Race, Love And Hate Hosts Gata and Jennifer Mota analyze and educate 20+ artists of La Nueva Escuela in open ended and vulnerable conversations. From Reggaeton Con La Gata & Noise Colectivo this is Dímelo Cantando.

Concept+Transcript for Buzzfeed’s Video “What Makes Reggaeton, Reggaeton?”



Transcript for AfroPunk’s 2021 Festival Documentary Entitled


Anger stemming from systemic racism, mass incarceration and police brutality is part of the everyday reality for the Black community in the United States. But George Floyd’s murder at the hands of police in Minneapolis was the final breaking point.

While many (though not nearly enough) artists and celebrities with large followings quickly condemned the travesty and admonished the officers involved, the sound of silence resonated across one of the genres most indebted to Black music and culture: música urbana.


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The latest version of Ir Sais’ “Dream Girl” featuring Jamaican dancehall legend Sean Paul and Nigerian afrobeat king Davido illustrates the beauty of their respective nations. Ir Sais describes the collaboration as “afrobeats meets ritmo kizomba meets reggae meets reggaeton,” which he calls Iri Style. Since its original release in 2019, ‘Dream Girl’ has amassed billions of streams and demanded crossovers with artists who can expand on its ebullient flavor.


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Reggaeton Con La Gata

I took my platform from the web, on-air in 2019. I had the honor of executively producing this 30 minute weekly show.

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It is no secret that Latinx media at large has been spoon feeding the ideology of ‘La Raza Latina’ and or the mestizaje of a vastly diverse group of people to its consumers despite evidence of the violence it promotes. This dangerous unification has contributed to a variety of sociocultural schemes that ultimately supply the social demise of Latinx whom specifically exist in the most vulnerable of intersections. Those intersections including but not limited to Negritud, Indigeneity, LGBQTIA, and etcetera.

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Art by Antoinette Thomas
Art by Antoinette Thomas

I am the proud creator of the first Bilingual, Reggaeton History podcast on all podcasting platforms. Every episode was written and produced by your favorite Reggaeton Historian.

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