Bridging academia and content creation, Reggaeton Con La Gata the first Television program to do so focused on Reggaeton was created in 2017 and has taken the internet by storm. With more than 500,000 impressions and growing, The history+party structured platform is ready to tackle stereotypes in the most fun and intelligent ways possible. “No Hay Reggaeton Sin Reggae.” The show went off air in 2019.



For Remezcla –
Op-Ed: Why Urbano Artists’ Scarce Comments on the #BLM Movement Are a Problem 


The juxtaposition of race in the U.S. in conjunction to that of every individual Latin American country has repeatedly been proven to cause agitation in the Pan-African conversation, including clashes both in the Afro-diasporic dichotomy of Afro-Latinos and African-Americans, as well as within the Latinx community as a whole. Confronting the exploitation of symbols inspired to combat racist issues forced artists to move either towards or away from ‘la causa’ further contributing to its blanqueamiento. Essentially it is unlikely that there isn’t any aspect of urbano that does not reflect a sort of lineage to Blackness, it is in its DNA.

A common mistake made by Latinx is the dissociation of these issues due to nationalistic attitudes that contribute to the erasure of Afrodiasporic injustices. Due to phenotypes such as “pelo crespo” and dark skin, Afro-Latinx who are Negrxs do not have the luxury of staying silent because it is a part of their means of survival as well. They’re not capable of separating their negritud from their Latinidad. It is for this reason that Black Latinos are included in the statistics reflecting the Black Americans who are racially profiled and mass incarcerated. The constant education of the effects of systemic racism, mass incarceration and white privilege, or lack thereof are especially important during these profound moments in history and are critical for the advancement of Black people.

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“Reggaeton is for everyone, Perreo es de la calle pa’ la calle” – Bones Weso

Executive Producer

2019 – 2020

REGGAETON WITH GATA is a weekly, thirty minute bilingual talk show led by the bold, sexy and outspoken host, Gata. She reflects the bicultural audience and unapologetically political ideas the millennial generation are actually thinking. Her unique ties to Reggaeton are brought to life through her candid conversations about topics ranging from Reggaeton’s history to the news of the day to sex, comedy and of course, music.
REGGAETON WITH GATA is unlike other talk shows, since Gata is admittedly a “work in progress,” and fearlessly invites the viewers into her life. Her fresh points of view, youthful energy and passion have turned the traditional talk show on its head. Produced by Elumina Media and distributed by Bronx Network, Reggaeton With Gata originates from Bronx, New York. Gata is the Executive Producer.


En Latinidad is a Bilingual Platform “Utilizing Comedy to break barriers in conversation in the Latinx Community.”



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2017 – Present

Radio Host

2017 – 2018

En Latinidad was a weekly on-air segment that premiered on Mondays via La Mega Boston’s Algarete Radio Show.