On February 28, 2019 I visited the beautiful Island of Puerto Rico to join an in-person conversation with Pioneers of Reggaeton. After collecting data, I’ve discovered the following:

  1. Via Maicol Superstar a Puerto Rican pioneer of Underground in Puerto Rico was able to confirm that Puerto Rican artists traveled to Panama during the Puerto Rican era of Underground in order to learn how to create dancehall music. He is one of them.
  2. Puerto Rican Disc Jockey and Pioneer of Sandunguero of Reggaeton DJ Blass formerly expresses that the movement did not start in Puerto Rico but in Panama, he goes on to explain that the instrumentation was sped up in tempo and that he’d agree with “No Hay Reggaeton Sin Dancehall” more than “No Hay Reggaeton Sin Reggae.”

3.    Maicol Superstar’ of former underground duo ‘Maicol Y Manuel’ detailed extensively his             first hand accounts of the musical processes taking place in Puerto Rico and how it correlates with his first hand experience during his 8 month trip to Panama in the 1990s with Alberto Stylee and other Puerto Rican Reggaeton Pioneers.

4. Bones Weso produced ‘Sacala’ by Hector El Father of the ‘Sangre Nueva’ album. He also co-produced every song on Mas Flow 2 along with Nesty and LunyTunes.

Original Ideas

“The BPM in the different themes of Reggaeton including Perreo, Sandunguro, Bellakeo, Maleanteo encompass the movements of Sex.”

via Make Reggaeton Nasty Again on Reggaeton Con La Gata‘s Podcast 2019.


“We (consumers of Reggaeton) can’t expect a wave of assorted themes of Reggaeton at one time as it was exemplified in the early 2000s again because a lot of the producers who worked on those projects were not accredited. Therefore we are expecting sounds from producers who did not fully create them in the first place.”

via Reggaeton Con La Gata on Twitter


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