About Me

“Reggaeton music is much more than a trend to me, it is my heritage.” At the tender age of  20 years old, Katelina found solace in music. As a young academic she would create Reggaeton Con La Gata, the first bilingual femme platform dedicated to bridging the gap between Academia and the public by telling the Intersectional history of reggaeton. Her platform would lead to her involvement in many high profiled and critically acclaimed projects including the first podcast on reggaeton history PERREO 101 by Reggaeton Con La Gata, Spotify Studios+Futuro Studios’ LOUD: The History of Reggaeton–hosted by Ivy Queen. Katelina ‘Gata’ was born Kathleen Eccleston on April 6, 1994, in Ypsilanti Michigan and was raised in Boston, MA to Panamanian-Jamaican parents. Growing up in an academic driven family, Katelina had a knack for translating social themes into art. Reggaeton Con La Gata was launched when she was an undergraduate student at Marymount Manhattan College. Katelina went on to graduate from the Pratt Institute of Art and Design and Marymount Manhattan College. Her senior capstone, “Implicit Bias in the Latin Music Industry” was the catalyst that inspired her platform Reggaeton Con La Gata, her podcast Perreo 101, and her desire to bridge the gap between Academia and Entertainment. Her work sparked an invitation to Harvard University as a guest lecturer. 

With more than 7 years of digital video, and audio podcast production experience, her work has been featured in Rollingstone, PAPER, Los Angeles Times, and Harper’s Bazaar just to name a few. And as a host Katelina has worked and partnered with the likes of Telemundo, Buzzfeed, Refinery 29 Somos, and many others. Her platform “Reggaeton con la Gata” has helped form opinions in publications such as LA Times, NY Times, Rollingstone, Latin Billboard, TIDAL, Nylon, Vibe,  and a number of others as well as in lecture halls at Harvard University, McMaster University, University of Illinois–classrooms at The University of Wisconsin at the(separate) direction of Sarah Bruno and the esteemed ethnomusicologist Wayne Marshall. “I had a change of heart in regards to pursuing media representation as my  primary goal for my career and I am currently pursuing music as Gata in conjunction to my multimedia projects.”  Katelina is completing various Reggaeton multimedia projects, and music and will do so long-term